Saturday, July 16, 2011

Welcome Back!

Sorry for the nearly two month absence, but life here in Bucharest has gotten about as busy as Disney World on Spring Break! Still that is no excuse to leave the reader hanging for 54 days!

A lot has happened since my last post on back in May... Cars 2 opened (we still haven't seen it) and so far I have heard that people have really enjoyed the ramped up action. Along the same lines Lightning McQueen has made his Lights Motor Action! debut in Disney World and Disneyland Paris. And the Disney Magic has begun sailing the Mediterranean for the summer.

Which brings us to what is really important...

We finally booked our August Disney Cruise in the Mediterranean!

I could not be happier about this! Ever since we started sailing with DCL I have wanted to do one of these cruises! We were really close to it last year, but the ship filled up for the dates that we needed for our tight schedule. This year it didn't slip through my fingers.

We will be sailing on a 7 night itinerary, beginning and ending in Barcelona, Spain. Along the way we will be visiting 5 ports of call... Villefranche, France; La Spezia, Italy; Civitavecchia, Italy; Naples, Italy; and Palma Mallorca, Spain. There is a day at sea to relax in between the last two ports of call.

My parents will be meeting us in Barcelona for the cruise, and this will be their first time to Europe, and their first Disney Cruise! In fact this will be their first Disney vacation since the mid 80's when they took me to Disney World for my American kid right of passage trip... Little did they know!

Of course we have been in heavy planning mode since we booked the cruise, and we have things planned for most of the ports of call, but we still have some work to do. I hope to make a few pre trip report posts in the next 25 days before we leave for Barcelona, but we will just have to see how well I can manage my time between teaching tennis, and my other job, planning and dreaming about this trip!

Rest assured that there will be more to come!

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