Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Disney Dream Christened!

Today is a day that I have looked forward to for years! Today, Disney cruise Line's newest ship, the Dream, was officially christened at her home port in Florida, Port Canaveral.

Shortly before we took our first Disney Cruise in 2007, Disney announced that they would be building two new ships that would set sail in 2011 and 2012. It seemed like a long time, but as I replay the memories in my head, it feels like just yesterday that we were dancing on the deck of the Wonder at our first Sail Away Party!

Since then we have waited through expert predictions, artist renderings, steel cutting ceremonies, float outs, sea trials, homecomings, and now today the christening. The event had the feeling of a show that you might watch from the castle stage at the Magic Kingdom... But instead of a 200 foot castle as the backdrop, a 14 deck cruise liner loomed in the background. Performers sang songs about dreams coming true, and filling the ceremonial champagne bottle with dreams. Princesses were paraded across the stage, pirates sailed across the port, and Mickey even busted a move. Jennifer Hudson- who began her career as a performer on the Disney Wonder- was named Godmother of the Dream, and she seemed really touched to be there.

Today the Dream will depart on a two night Christening Cruise for VIP's and the media. Reports will be filed on Facebook and Twitter, podcasts will be recorded, and there might even be some good old fashioned articles written and TV segments recorded. Food from the dining rooms will be critiqued, the AquaDuck will be ridden and reviewed. We will hear from trusted sources all about this ship made from dreams.

While I will be soaking in as much information as I can over the next couple of days, I will try and wait to see these things for myself, when I get on the ship for the first time. I am most looking forward to exploring the areas of the ship I have heard so much about, and seeing the magical differences between the Dream, and the Wonder and Magic, which I already consider my homes on the sea.

So today is a special day for Disney fans, and especially Disney Cruise fans. Seeing a new Disney ship being put into service isn't something that happens all the time. So we'll just have to remember today, until the next one happens, next year, for the Fantasy. Let the anticipation begin!