Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Exploring New Disney Frontiers

Sorry for the delay in a new post, but as some of you may know, we have recently made a little bit of a move... About a month and a half ago my wife and I packed up our 3 Dis Kids, all of our stuff, and moved to Bucharest, Romania! We will be here for the next two years while my wife works at the American Embassy.

With any move there are new things to learn and explore... Things like driving in a major foreign city, ordering unknown food in a foreign language, and feeling like your last minute on earth might be in this taxi! These are all fine and good, but this is a Disney blog! The real question is, how will this move affect my Disney vacation habit? Well there is good news, Disney is a world wide company, and there are opportunities to vacation with them all over Gad's Green Earth!

Since I am currently located in Europe, and this is MY blog, I'm going to write about what our family is doing to quench that constant thirst for "The Happiest Place on Earth." At this point in time we have several different Disney vacations in the works. Some are more concrete than others, but they have all been discussed, and are at different planning stages.

1) 7-Night Mediterranean Cruise aboard the Disney Magic: Summer 2010
Ever since we started sailing on Disney Cruise ships this has been my dream itinerary. We were very close to booking one last summer, but the dates just didn't work out. I'm not letting it slip through my fingers this year. My parents coming to Europe for the first time is the perfect excuse, and since inner Europe airfare is so cheap, a big part of the expense is lightened for us!

2) Disneyland Paris: Dates TBD
Last year we were Annual Pass holders at Walt Disney World for the first time. I fully plan on doing the same at Disneyland Paris sometime this year. DLP AP's are a great deal in comparison to WDW AP's, plus there are some really great benefits that go with them. Hotel discounts year round, extra magic hours, dining discounts, and discount tickets for guests are just some of the advantages! As I said before inner Europe airfare is pretty cheap, so we should be able to sneak away to the "City of Lights" for a few long weekends in the next 24 months. Heck, I might even let the kids see the Eiffel Tower!

3) Hong Kong Disneyland: ???
One of the best parts about being in the US Foreign Service is that you get to know and make friends with other people in the Foreign Service. In other words, you have friends all over the World! We are planning on visiting one of these friends in Hong Kong at some point in the next 2 years, and you can bet that we will have at least one day at Disney's most recently opened theme park!

So that's what we have planned Disney wise in the near (and not as near) future. Do any of you have plans to visit a Disney Park outside of the United States or your home country? If you could visit any Disney Theme Park in the world, which one would it be?

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